Job Details
Ref Code    2020/35
Position Title    Air Traffic Control Officer - Approach
Posted Date    12/04/2020
Expiry Date    31/12/2021
Location    Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport
Nationality Restriction    No Restriction

The primary duties of the post holder are detailed below, however this is not an exhaustive list of all duties required and is not listed in order of priority:
• The provision of approach radar control services, flight information services and alerting services to aircraft operating within the Abu Dhabi Approach area of responsibility.

• Maintain a thorough operational knowledge and understanding of the equipment and systems used for the provision of air traffic services at Abu Dhabi ATCC.

• Support appropriate manning of operational positions through watch staffing, the opening / closing of sectors and the utilization of staff as required.

• Monitor, record and report the serviceability status of equipment essential to the provision of ATC services during the period of his/her watch to ensure appropriate NOTAM action is taken.

• Provide OJTI duties as required by Abu Dhabi ANS Management in accordance with the Unit Assessment and Training Plan (UATP).

• Provide alerting services to initiate search and rescue operations as required.

• Distribute as required meteorological information necessary for the safe and orderly handling of traffic.

• Participate in pre-watch briefings for the subsequent watch concerning all known conditions affecting safety and/or regularity of air traffic within Abu Dhabi/Al Ain airspace.

• Report failures, abnormal occurrences or any other conditions likely to constitute a safety hazard.

• Observe staff instructions and administrative rules pertaining to conduct in the operational area.

• Provide operational feedback to management on proposed airspace procedures and system changes.

• Report any operational incidents as and when they occur to operational management.

• Practice professionalism and politeness to all users of services provided by the Abu Dhabi /Al Ain Approach and to other staff in the facility as well as Abu Dhabi International Airport staffs and military staffs.

• Fulfill all other duties related to the role of an Air Traffic Control Officer and administrative duties as directed by Unit management or GAL ANS HQ.
Qualification    • ATCO Basic (ICAO 051 or equivalent)

• Approach Control Surveillance (Radar), (ICAO 054)

• OJTI Course certificate

• Current GCAA Class 3 aviation medical (or equivalent)
Experience    • Minimum 3years operational controlling experience from validation of Approach Control ratings at a recognised international airport.

• Previous military approach control experience is desirable but not essential
• Previous OJTI and UAE/GCC experience preferred
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