Job Details
Ref Code    2021/33
Position Title    NWP Specialist
Posted Date    25/03/2021
Expiry Date    30/06/2021
Location    Al Dhafra (DFRA)
Nationality Restriction    No Restriction
Job Description    • Operator of the Operational Suite of the numerical models.
• Monitor the technical aspects of Numerical Weather Prediction including High Performance Computing equipment and the operational running models.
Qualification    • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Physics with a Post graduate diploma in Meteorology required
Experience    • Experience of the following required:
• System administration of high-performance computing equipment such as Clusters, Supercomputers, Mainframes
• Programming tools like UCL (Unix Command Language), Structured programming languages like Fortran and C/C++ with abilities in managing operational scientific programs and the associated monitoring tools.
• Scientific graphics tools such as NCAR NCL, GRADS and fluent knowledge of different scientific data formats such as (NetCDF, GRIB1/2)
• General modelling (Physics, Dynamics) particularly in atmospheric science
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